I am a true conservative patriot. We began this campaign in July to expose Dr. Ferguson’s voting record and with the help of so many fellow patriots, we have succeeded. Dr. Ferguson has retired.

I want the people of District 3 to experience Life, Liberty and Happiness. My agenda to pursue those is to close the border (with deportations), rationalize the size and scope of a tyrannical government, have parents control their children’s education, restore Justice to the DOJ, assure election integrity, restore the Tenth Amendment, Term Limits in both houses AND the deep state, freeze the national debt and return the budget to 2019 levels.

We must ‘rationalize’ The Deep State.  That means that we need to right size the Federal governement. The process will create chaos. I am the man to send into that chaos. I have been a successful agent of change as a police officer, as an IT Director, as a Global Commodity Manager and for District 3.

I have had the opportunity to serve our district as a State Committeeman, District 3 2nd Vice Chairman and a precinct chair of the Republican party. In the seven years I was a police officer, I received seven commendations reflecting my commitment to the citizens I was protecting. I am steadfast and loyal to my people.

I spent twenty-plus years as a successful businessman. I know how to bring jobs and lower taxes. I want to do this job for MY DISTRICT and MY FAMILY. I want to GET US BACK ON TRACK and then I WILL LEAVE! I will never be a career politician.

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If you want change, you must vote for it.